About Us

John Penny and Sons has been a family run enterprise for over 200 years. We are farmers and wholesale butchers supplying to retail outlets, which in turn will supply you – the consumer.

We feel that it’s important as a consumer that you understand what we do, and our basic principles We take great pride in nurturing and producing our livestock to ensure the end product, destined for the dinner table is as perfect as possible. We raise all our animals in a traditional manner and on natural feeds. During the summer months cattle and sheep graze in our 250 acres of farmland, during the wet and wintry months they are brought into our specially designed shed which shelters the animals from the worst of the weather, yet still allows for fresh air to circulate, daylight to pass through and lots of space for the animals to move. We segregate the animals into small groups according to size to avoid any bullying and always allow them space and freedom to act as if in a herd or flock. Animal welfare is a priority and we have specially designed transporters to ensure each animal can be moved with minimal stress.

We are able to produce up to 1000 head of cattle and 4000 sheep at any one time and they are all happy and healthy animals. Due to the popularity of our products destined for retail this still means that there is a shortfall so we supplement this by purchasing quality livestock from local markets and farmers who have the same ethics as us. It’s important that all stock ordained for the abattoir has had an enjoyable, natural and stress free life, this is the key to superior meat.

Our factory processes beef, lamb and pork. We supply this as full carcasses or as primal (wholesale style) cuts. The retailer will then butcher this into consumer cuts which are much smaller. All meat supplied by John Penny’s is fully traceable, meaning that we know exactly which day it was packed and processed and where it originated - a “this is your life” of your meat!

Please take the time to care when you purchase your meat. Buy John Penny meat and support the welfare of animals, the future of farmers and the longevity of local butchers. Buy John Penny meat and guarantee yourself a piece of quality.


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