The shin is from the front and back legs. Both are cheaper cuts as they contain quite a large amount of connective tissue. However, this makes them ideal for stews and casseroles as it melts down during the long slow cooking and gives extra flavour to the sauce. You could make stock from the shin if the bone is left in the joint. The joint can be slow-roasted.

  • Beef and Guinness Casserole+-

    This Beef and Guinness Casserole recipe is quick to prepare and delicious. Can also be used as a pie filling.

  • Beef in Stout+-

    A hearty and flavoursome meal. Perfect for the winter months. Beef in Stout Recipe

  • Beef Shin, Porter and Oyster Pie+-

    Pies like this are great for putting to use so-called secondary cuts such as shin, flank, cheeks, etc. Beef Shin, Porter and Oyster Pie Recipe

  • Braised Shin of Beef+-

    Cook flavoursome shin beef slowly with wine and tasty vegetables until meltingly tender in this rich hearty main course.

  • Daube of Beef and Oranges in a rich Pinot Noir Sauce+-

    Make this dish in advance to give the flavours time to improve. An excellent, easy beef recipe to have on hand.

  • Goulash Soup+-

    A traditional recipe once served all over the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, this soup is still popular in the Austrian Alps.

  • Steak and Kidney Pie+-

    An old favourite - a traditional British steak and kidney pie, comfort food at its best.

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