Topside, Silverside

Silverside is cut from the hindquarter, just above the leg cut. It gets its name because of the “silverwall” on the side of the cut. This is a long fibrous "skin" of connective tissue, which has to be removed as it's too tough to eat. It's ideal for slow cooking which will keep it moist. It can also be split in two to produce a salmon-cut.

Topside is a very lean cut often sold with a layer of fat tied around it. It's similar to rump and can be roasted as a boneless joint. It's not quite as tender as sirloin, so it can't stand high temperatures, but if treated with care, will provide an excellent roast.

Oxtail also comes from this cut and is a specialised cut of meat, used in stews. Yes - it's the tail of the animal, cut up into vertebrae. Whilst it’s not everyone’s favourite many people love it.

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