This is one of the cheaper and tougher cuts and is generally sold as stewing lamb or made into mince meat. When sold in pieces it is only suitable for very long, slow, moist cooking. Although tough the flavour is very good so well worth the extra cooking. It is also known as Scrag End.

  • Fragrant Lamb Kebabs+-

    Fragrant lamb kebabs. Forget shepherd's pie and make these delicious lamb kebabs as a tasty alternative that costs no more.

  • Lamb Tagine with Chickpeas and Couscous+-

    Tagine is a typical Moroccan stew, traditionally slow-cooked in a pot of the same name.

  • Roman Lamb Fillet with Rosemary and Garlic+-

    A great value cut of meat, which is superb for this tasty rustic dish packed with lovely lemon, garlic and rosemary flavours.

  • Shepherd's Pie+-

    Shepherd's Pie is one the quickest and easiest suppers you can make. Traditionally a shepherd's pie is made with ground lamb, and if using ground beef it would be called a cottage pie.

  • Spiced Lamb and Apricot Pilau+-

    Lamb and apricot pilau has a scrumptious taste.

  • Thai Lamb with Noodles +-

    Ask your butcher to slice the lamb thinly across the grain for a more tender result. This recipe is best made just before serving.

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