British Butchers’ meat voted best

Posted on: Oct 26 2011

Visitors to the John Penny and Sons stand at Harrogate’s Countryside Live let their taste buds do the talking this weekend. In a blind taste test over 1500 consumers were offered cold cuts of beef topside from John Penny and meat which had been reared using mass production techniques.

The tasting was a huge victory for quality meat with over 80% preferring the taste of John Penny meat which is produced in a natural farming environment and is sold in butchers’ shops.

The taste test was part of John Penny and Sons campaign Quest for Best: The Meat Crusade which aims to put quality butchers meat back on the dinner table by raising awareness in quality and taste. The Meat Crusade also encourages consumers to buy quality meat from local butchers, and to offer a greater understanding of how ethical meat operations work.

Says John Penny, company partner, “We wanted to demonstrate to consumers that there is a distinct difference between the flavour of intensively reared meat and that fed on a natural diet and raised in a calm farm environment. We are delighted that the majority of people could taste the difference.

“A number of people from the meat and farming industry who visited our stand could tell the difference by just looking at the two plates. We also had a vegetarian visit our stand who has converted back to meat after learning more about the Meat Crusade and talking to us about our humane approach. It was also good to hear that a lot of visitors either already went to their local butcher or would consider going more frequently after to speaking to us about the Quest for Best campaign.”


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