Local Butchers help cut the cost of Christmas

Posted on: Nov 30 2011

Festive food on a budget doesn’t mean scrimping on the cut of meat or doing away with the trimmings. For Yorkshire farmer and meat wholesaler, John Penny and Sons it’s about going back to your local butcher.

Saving money at Christmas could be as simple speaking to your local butcher to find the best quality meat to suit your needs, suggests John Penny, a partner of the family run business. By planning ahead, knowing how many mouths you will have to feed and by involving a butcher in the process, families could make significant savings this Christmas.

According to the national ‘Love food hate waste campaign’ we waste on average 30% of the food we buy week on week and at Christmas that figure increases to 80%. John Penny & Sons offers a few suggestions as to how you can reduce food waste this Christmas:

• Order your meat in advance from your butcher to avoid impulse purchase, and to avoid the rush.
• Take a break from tradition – choose an alternative cut of meat to the traditional turkey. Your butcher can talk to you about how best to cook alternative roasts and which cuts of meat will best suit your taste
• Tell your butcher how many people you are feeding so that they can give you a joint specific to your needs
• If there are any leftovers, freeze them on Christmas day to avoid waste
• Turn any leftovers into tasty treats such as bubble and squeak or shepherds pie or for the more adventurous into beef samosas or pulled pork sandwiches for boxing day lunch.

For John Penny, it doesn’t stop there. It’s also about getting value for money and about the quality of meat.

Says John, “The majority of meat sold through quality butchers is raised in a farm environment where the animals mainly graze on fresh pastures. This method of rearing, as opposed to mass meat production, significantly improves the flavour and quality of the meat. So if customers are looking for value pound for pound then the answer is often right on your doorstop at your local butcher.”

To help encourage more consumers to buy from their local butcher, John Penny & Sons has launched the Quest for Best: the Meat Crusade campaign. John Penny explains, “Consumers aren’t encouraged to think about where their meat has come from as it is often bought in faceless plastic packets. The Meat Crusade aims to educate consumers about how ethical meat operations work and encourage them to buy meat from their local butcher.”


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