Pigs are slaughtered Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and must be brought in before 9am. Pigs will be slaughtered on a Tuesday after a bank holiday Monday. Due to the vocal nature of these animals we regret that we cannot house them overnight.

To ensure your pigs are correctly registered please see this link to the DEFRA website.

It is a site requirement that all pigs intended for slaughter must be clearly slap marked.  If you would like to know more about the slap mark please see below.

If you bring in a sow which has been bred from it will be tested for Trichinella. The carcass will not be released until negative results are received from the testing laboratory which can take up to 3 working days.  There is no charge for this test but it is a Food Standards Agency requirement.  Occasionally fattening pigs may also require a Trichinella test if they are over 150kg in weight.  Trichinella is a parasite which is transferrable to humans through undercooked food.

You must complete a food chain information form and movement document via this website www.eaml2.org.uk before you can bring your pigs to us. Simply click on the 'Produce Registration' button then follow the instructions on the website. If you have any queries about this site please contact BPEX, call 0844 335 8400 or email eAMl2@bpex.org.uk

When you bring your pigs to us our staff will be on hand to help you unload and vehicle wash-out facilities are available.

The animal can be butchered to your own specification or we can provide details of a butcher local to you.

The holding number for John Penny and Sons is 49/492/8017.

Call us on 0113 250 4162 for our current prices.

Useful Links


Slap Mark

A slap mark is your Defra Herd Number. It is a permanent ink mark which is applied on each front shoulder area of the pig and is legible for the life of the pig and throughout the processing of its carcase.

Slap mark example: AB1234

Slap mark ink can be purchased from www.ketchums.co.uk.  Complete slap mark kits are also available.

Whether you keep one animal as a pet or a commercial herd you need to be registered with Defra. Before moving livestock to your holding you need to apply to the Rural Payments Agency for a County Parish Holding (CPH) number for the land where the livestock will be kept.

Once you have your CPH you can move the livestock to your holding under a General Licence, which can be obtained from your Animal Health Divisional Office. They will also be able to register your stock and send you a unique herd mark.

Click here to download the DEFRA New Pig Owners Guide


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