Sheep are slaughtered every day and must be brought in before 7am or the afternoon before with prior arrangement.

A Food Chain Information form and a Movement Document need to be completed for each consignment of sheep before they are unloaded at John Penny.  We do not require Electronic ID tags at present.

Click here to download a Food Chain Information Form
Click here to download a Movement Document (AML1)

Staff will be on hand to help you unload and vehicle wash-out facilities are available.

The animal can be butchered to your own specification or we can provide details of a butcher local to you.

The holding number for John Penny is 49/492/8017.

Call us on 0113 250 4162 for our current prices.

Electronic Identification and the Future

The law allows sheep to be marked by either an ear tag or a tattoo.
From 31 December 2009, electronic identification (EID) and individual recordings were introduced for sheep. These changes were introduced under European law and are intended to make it easier to trace animals.

Electronic identification is a tool which allows keepers to record information on individual animals quicker and more easily. The electronic identifier has a microchip which contains the animal’s individual number. The electronic identifier can be an ear tag, a bolus (an identifier in a container that is swallowed and stays in the animal’s stomach) or a pastern tag (a band around the animal’s lower leg). The number in the microchip can be read using our electronic reader.

When each tag is printed, the chip is programmed by the manufacturer to carry the same electronic number as the number printed on the outside. This means that you can record the individual number electronically using a reader, or visually by looking at the number printed on the tag.

The EID contains a 16-digit number that is linked on insertion to the official visual ear tag of the animal. This creates a unique link that will remain with the animal for life:

Sheep with Electronic Identification TagsOn the tag: UK 0 123456 12345

On the microchip: 826 0 123456 12345

826 is the electronic code for the UK followed by a six-digit flock number and then a five-digit animal number

Further information can be obtained from:

Click here to download the DEFRA Guidance for Sheep EID
Click here to download the DEFRA Sheep EID Technical Guide

Electronic tags can be purchased from

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